5 Proven Ways to Market a Collision Repair Shop

Marketing plans are an essential part of the success of any small or large business. Setting how you measure the successful performance of each method is key in tracking what works and what doesn’t. If you can do this quarterly, it provides you with the flexibility to adjust as you go. Remember all strategies and tactics should support your brand positioning and reinforce a foundation that continues to build authority and trust amongst current and future customers. Below are five proven tactics that you can adapt or strengthen:

1. Word-of-mouth

This must be one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book and one you’re very familiar with. Businesses can attract new customers by providing quality service and excellent customer care for existing customers.

In turn, you can ask your clients to let others know about their experience by referring their friends and family or by leaving a positive review for your business on Google, Yelp and few other business listing sites as well as social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

2. Digital Media Ads

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get the word out about your business, especially when you’re just starting out. You also get instant results and can modify what you’re doing quickly. The way pay-per-click ads work is, you create an ad and target certain demographics integrating keyword searches. When the user clicks on the ad and let’s say they reach your website or a landing page, you pay for that conversion. You can run pay-per-click ads on search engines like Google, or on social media sites like Facebook, or through pay-per-click ad networks where ads are shown on a variety of websites.

If you run pay-per-click ads, like your emails, be sure to do A/B tests on your ads. You’ll want to change one distinctive feature—like the photo in the ad, the headline, or the call to action—and then track which ads are getting more clicks. You can then optimize your campaigns so that you’re evolving your ads to be the most effective they can be.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to stay in touch and engage with your existing customers and collect that all important email address for your data base. When people become customers, you can reach out to share helpful tips, upcoming promotions, and special offers. Email done right is a great what to not only staying in touch with your existing customers ensures but keep your business top of mind and loyal.

4. Networking

Networking with other business owners is a great way to build relationships and promote your business. Attend local business events and meet-ups, and exchange marketing materials with other business owners. This is a great way to get your name out there and generate leads. You can easily generate leads by exchanging contact information with other business owners and following up afterward. And don’t forget the power of networking though social media.

5. Brand Awareness

Recognition or Brand Awareness amongst your key target audience is key in building connection, engagement, loyalty, and trust. High awareness of your brand achieved by consistent connection, engagement, and your ability to fulfill your brand promise can put you on top of the list when your customer is deciding on where to go for to fulfill their need. By implementing the above the increase in positive brand awareness is bound to gain momentum.

We’ll be back next time with more tips to help your collision repair shop succeed.


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